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Regular Meeting Minutes

of the

The Palmetto Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

June 19, 2017

Before The Meeting:

There was no Amateur Radio License Testing session before the meeting.
We ate breakfast and talked Amateur Radio.

Call to order:

After a nice round of greetings, the meeting was started at 6:00 PM.
Meeting called to order by the President of The Palmetto Amateur Radio Club, Ed WD4HIP.

Old Business:

John talked about the issues that still need to be addressed concerning the Club Repeater's and IRLP systems. More planning needs to be done to find suitable equipment to replace the older systems now in use.

New Business:

We talked about the club looking into other forms of add on modes to some of our repeaters such as Echo Link.

We then talked about the relocation of the 146.850 club repeater. The new antenna for this system will be tuned and made ready for installation.

Presentation & Discussion:

We talked about the use of mobile antennas as a small base station VHF / UHF antenna for individuals in condo situations.

Meeting Close:

The meeting was closed at 8 PM.


If anyone has comments they would like to make please send them to:
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