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ATV Services have been suspended.
During Hurricane Wilma, the vent blew off the box and the contents were soaked and crusty by the time Rick retrieved them. But believe it or not, the insides of the PA and IPA were ok. So with a scrubbrush and a hose and some fresh paint, it all came back up fine. The Astron Power Supply was a total loss, however. Anyway, Phil provided us with new cable modulators, sat receivers and cable demods and I put a 100w PEP transmitter together using the old final assembly, rebuilt.
The best news is that WFUN, a LPTV station that had a side-mounted antenna at 500' bailed out of there. I got the call from my former boss and he told me to call the tower manager. He agreed to allow us to put our rack in place of theirs and use the old 2 1/4" feedline, which the riggers chooped off at 400, near our antenna. I found some expensive 2 1/4' to "N" silver plated transitions and Jim and Steven J did the tower work to connect to our 16 element array. They used 1/2" heliax and lots of rubber tape!
They even straightened out the bent antenna from the storm. Good Guys! Next is getting 220v piped into our rack this week for my dual 4CX 250 amp. We will have about 400w TPO so with 3 db line loss and a 10 db gain ant, thats our 2K ERP.
So we have a perfect SWR on the ground and 3dB line loss. We went on-air last sunday with 90w pep to do some pattern measurements using GPS and setting up our receive rigs. I'm getting it with P3 w/snow at roof level with a yagi into some dense palms.
Anyway, this is the situation I have dreamed of, where we can maintain it and not climb that damn tower. It is already a much better picture from being able to adjust on the ground, and with free electricty, the 3 db line loss is easily overcome. We will get the receivers down the tower next. Thats a little tricky as their are no dedicated coax's. We will use some form of link. Anyway, tune it in on Cable channel 57 (421.25 Mhz.) Let me know what you pick up.
Larry Janus,

OUTPUT: 421.250 MHz.
(Reveive on Channel 57 on a Cable TV Box)

INPUT: 434.000 MHz.

LOCATION: North Miami
(Dade / Broward County Line) 

On a 1000 foot Tower
Height: Receiver About 600 feet
Transmitter about 400 feet
Output Power: 100 Watts
Coverage: All of Broward County 
(Fort Lauderdale) and 
North Dade County (Miami)
Fast Scan Television
With the following links:
2.5 Ghz Repeater at 400 feet
1.2 Ghz. Receiver at 400 feet
144.340 Simplex Receiver at 400 feet

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